Honduras Water Project
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Introduction The community of Subirana and Rotary Club of El Progreso have met and 90% of the club
visited the project and community to assess the proposal. The Club has formed a committee of
three to begin the formation of the project and is seeking that we do the same until we know the
feasibility of the projects and have a funding plan. The proposal was approved in May 2016 for the D5370, Rotary Foundation and Rotary Canada Foundation matching funds.

The community of 3000 people immediately and 8500 in the region has grown and needs to
replace 8km of old water tubing so that they can have fresh water access restored. The
community is prepared to do manual work and has contributed some tubing to date. The photos
tell the story of the current situation. Some homes have water tanks and cisterns and others do
not. Community. A technical consultant prepared the budget and implementation plan.

The objective is access to potable water for the community of 5000 people.

WASH stands for education about Water, sanitation and Hygiene as well as Water conservation. Under the direction of Water Missions International our collaborating organization the Subirana Water Committee is organizing a volunteer team to visit all the schools and homes in the community. The WASH program has four learning sessions and this information will be shared with the community by Water Missions international trained community volunteers. Certificates will be presented at the end of this training.

As well a Subirana Public Utility will be established to over see the Water tariffs and maintenance of the water line and storage tanks. The local Savings and Loan Cooperative will manage all water payments and reporting to the Water Committee.

The water payment tariffs have been agreed upon by the community prior to starting this program as this gives the continuity of control over the water that comes to their community.

Water Missions International will install a water purification system and educate those in the community hired to operate it in the safe water considerations.

Water to this community proceeds from a spring on land owned by the community to the town about 8km away and all down hill. 15 water meters will be installed to measure water use by the small business in the region and they will be billed separately for water use. This has been agreed upon by the community as an equitable water billing system and is a new system for the region designed to provide equitable and peaceful water use.

And with this pipeline enlarged there will be enough water we are assured by pre- studies for the two storage tanks now in the community to be filled for agricultural use."

Potable water or purified drinking water will be available for all in the community and will be managed after the program by the Subirana Water Committee who has opened a new computerized office for this purpose.

Help us bring drinking water to the community.

We are looking for partner clubs to commit to contribute $1,000 - $2,000 to support this important international water project.

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